My Feedback last year

Hello All,
I got the below feedback last year and am planning of doing another one now.
Kindly suggest what you think i should do to scale through.

While the candidate presents evidence of a successful career in IT and telecommunications, the candidate does not provide sufficient evidence of exceptional achievement in product-led digital companies nor exceptional contributions to the field in their non-work activities. There simply is not evidence the candidate is anything but capable in their existing field of work, not rising to the standards of this programme’s requirements.

Please note that am now the ambassador of Pi&AI in Nigeria, I have been helping people get into tech. Will it be a good evidence if i should provide that.

Thanks as i look forward to your response.

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Hi there,

What has changed since your last application? Are you now working for a product-led digital technology company?The feedback suggest that your field of IT is not product-led, so if you are still working in the same field then you may not be eligible. It may be worth reading the guideline again as the criteria may have changed since your last appliaction. Lastly, i am not sure what you mean by being an ambassador for PI and AI, do you have evidence to show your contrinution?

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Hello Chiedu,

Thanks for your response, things have changed since my last application. I have a start-up now that focus on bringing people into tech while also managing my previous role as CTO.
The criteria is exceptional achievement in product-led digital companies or exceptional contributions to the field in your non-work activities ( which is where am asking if my ambassadorial role suffice). I have evidence to show in terms of the certificate given to me by PI&AI as an Ambassador and the training i have been conducting which have helped many people get into AI.
Also, i have build capabilities outside Telecoms eg data analytics and i have proficiency in some tools like rapid miner, powerbi, jupyter notebook and many more.
I will really appreciate a guide on way forward.

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I don’t know what you been by you have a startup that brings people to Tech? Is this a product-led digital technology company?

I can’t find any information on PI &AI to suggest it is a recognised body. Your Linkedin profile suggest you work for the telecom industry. Building capabilities outside the telecom industry is not just enough, there are many people with data analytics skill, Tech Nation application is about demonstrating what sets you apart. Again, take your time and read the tech nation guide, there are suggested evidence , this will help you access your suitability better.On the surface of what you have said, this is not sufficient. Just so you no, I do not work for Tech Nation, I am only commenting based on my understanding of the guideline and my persona experience as Global Talent Visa recipient.

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Thanks Chiedu

Really appreciate your response.

Best regards