Most I use proof of high earnings has an evidence (promise)

Please, help verify. Is it a must I include proof of earnings as an evidence?
I have gathered my 10evidences but I didn’t include proof of earnings.

If I eventually choose to include my proof of earnings, Is pay slip enough or most i tender a bank statement? Or can i just use my offer letter?

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I didn’t show personal proof of earnings, but I showed proof of business earnings as a co founder/CTO. I don’t think it is compulsory to show proof of earnings though, I didn’t see that in the guide (I stand to be corrected) as long as your other evidences are strong enough.

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Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it

Hi, I didn’t show proof of personal earning but I showed my business revenue (dashboard screenshots and bank statement).

My guess is you’re apply as a promise. So, it depends on the evidence you’re trying to establish.

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Is 4 documents proving high earnings from a well known tech company enough for MC?
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it is not compulsory. I actually don’t think it is a strong evidence, best to use verifiable evidence that are in the public domain. conference speaking with significant viewership, opensource contributions, stack overflow contributions, media recognition… I have observed that those with this type of evidence easily get endorsed.