More than 1 recommendation letters from same company

For recommendation letters, I asked 2 people in the company I work for. They are both senior members of the company.

The company is located in the UK, and I have been working closely with them in the UK for over a year.

Would it be acceptable to ask for 2 or 3 recommendation letters from the company I am working for?

Thank you.

First of all, welcome to the community.

As far as I know, there is no limitation on the number of recommenders in the same company. I have heard that some of the promising talents do it that way since they are very new in their career and may not know so many senior people.

More importantly, they should be able to demonstrate the strength of your application and evidence well enough. Usually, if the recommenders are from different companies, they usually reflect the different time periods, different industries, different achievements, different stories, and so on.

In your case, I suggest those recommenders talk about different angles from your contribution to your role in the organization. If they do not reflect different angles, you may be losing some of your opportunity/strength in your application.

Thank you so much for your answer, alexnk.

I have seen someone who rejection letter noted that her recommenders are from the same company. So you need to be mindful.


Thank you so much for your comment, Francisca_Chiedu.

I talked to the immigrant lawyer.
He said there is no restriction of having 2-3 recommendation letters from a single company, or application would not be rejected only this reason.

However, it would lose the angle/diversity of the strength (as mentioned by alexnk).
As a result, it lacks the evidence of contribution.

As I will apply for the Global Promises, I will 3 recommendation letters from from 3 different organisations.

Thank you so much for your help.

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This person used an immigration lawyer and got rejected. It is even a no-brainer most will likely site same things about your work.

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Thank you for further information @Francisca_Chiedu.
I would like to be very careful about the documents.