Misspelled Surname(family name) of Main Applicant on Dependents Vignette

Hello Dear Friends,
Thanks for the excellent support which I received from this Alumni group especially from @Shreeniwas_Iyer in my case. I again need your support here for stage 2 dependents Visa. I have received the Entry Clearance Vignette on my Passport 40 days back and later I applied for my dependents (spouse and kid) but the Vignettes received last week on their passports has my surname misspelled. Although its just an additional “a” at sixth position in the 7 letters word(surname) making it a 8 letter word. Can this create an issue at the source/destination Airport Border Controls ? I read about BRP corrections after reaching the UK but could not find sufficient info regarding the mistakes on vignettes. Whom should I contact from the correction or confirmation perspective?
Thanks again.

You have 2 options

  1. Correct entry clearance error outside the UK. Contact UKVI where you made entry clearance application. My son was given erroneous EC, I tried to correct it using this option but no response.
  2. Try to correct the error while you arrive in the UK follow the link:
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Thanks a lot @Mukesh_Adhvaryu. Does it mean that I will not have any issue at the Airports checks by the Border personnel? Also since the EC has the misspelled family name of the main applicant does it mean that the BRP card too will have the same? If anyone else had this kind of issue then please share.

@geet_umber : please how did you resolve this issue. I have a similar problem; the initials of main applicant on the dependant vignette is wrong.