Missed Uploading an Evidence File. HELP!

Hi all,

I uploaded my evidence today to the tech nation’s website however I missed uploading a document that I quoted for an Optional Criteria. I didn’t realize this mistake until after submitting the application.

The document is about my websites & their stats. I’ve provided links to those websites in my CV and mentioned them in my personal statement however the stats are not publicly available.

I’m now really anxious due to this. I’m not sure what can I do to fix it? Can I reach out to someone to provide the document?

One thing that comes to mind is sharing those stats in a new article on my website. Would that work?

The optional criteria I chose are 2 and 3. The evidence document is missing for OC2.

When you submit, you have already confirmed that that is all of your best knowledge and you cannot edit or add any further evidence. And definitely, you cannot reach out to anyone in Tech Nation.

Adding the stats to any existing links you shared in your evidence (ie: somewhere in your website link you shared, or your LinkedIn profile) could be a very tiny chance for the assessor to read it, and it may be your just last hope.

Best wish to you @John