Misleading UX for Global Migrant Dependent Visa Route

As of today writing this, there’s a misleading UX for the application for a dependent visa on the UK visas website which I’d like others to be careful of.

Applied for the Dependent Visa for my partner using the link seen on the UK website in the first screenshot.

After 7 weeks of waiting, we just got contacted that the Visa route was wrong and we even paid way more than what we would have needed for a Global Talent dependent visa.

We got refunded the IHS fee (it was £84 less than what we paid) but we lost the visa application fee(£1,597.87) because that is non-refundable after submitting her biometrics.

The correct route to take is through the second to last screenshots.
The UX of this is quite bad as there’s no clear reason why a dependent Visa should be located under the “Work Visa” section(without subheadings)

I’m sharing here so other people don’t fall into this problem like I did.

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Thanks for sharing for others to learn from and sorry to hear about your bad experience