Meaning of "a single piece of evidence"

Dear Tech Nation community,

Could you please clarify what “a single piece of evidence” mean in the below guidance from Tech Nation. Does it mean:

  1. Evidence for a single work/project/ achievement?
  2. Evidence of a single eligibility criteria but can have multiple pieces of work/project/achievement supporting that one eligibility criteria?

E.g. If I have attended 4 conferences then can I have one single evidence doc called say “Conferences supporting Mandatory Criteria” document or I cannot have more than one conference evidence in one document?

Similarly, if I have made 4 products to show track record of Innovation then can I have one evidence doc called say “Evidence of Innovation supporting Optional criteria one”

If multiple achievements/projects/products /conferences cannot be put as one single piece of evidence then it would make it extremely difficult to demonstrate enough impact for the qualifying criterion.

Your guidance will be really appreciated!

Quote from Tech Nation website, evidence section of document checklist: “The evidence you supply to demonstrate you meet the Eligibility Criteria must consist of no more than ten documents in total, with each piece of evidence/document of no more than three A4 sides in length. Each document represents a single piece of evidence. For evidence that would exceed the page limit, please only include the most important aspects, e.g. key terms of employment for an employment contract.”

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If you have four different conferences. You may provide the one that is the most recognised as a sector leading event for the mandatory criteria and show the other in optional criteria two. By the time you show the conference pictures, invitation letter or reference letter and the programme of event, it will all fit into a three page evidence.

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