Mandatory Criteria for GTV

My Background

  • Moved to London on tier 2 last year (Sept 2020)- working Machine Learning Engineer.
  • 7 years of experience at Leading product-based start-up (valued 40+B) In India.

I want to apply for Global Talent to be able to work on my start up idea.

  1. My main Machine learning impact work at Indian start up was presented in one of the top applied conference in India (The conference was also featured in Forbes that year). Sadly I was not able to speak at that conference since I was sick. The work was presented by my colleague. However the slides that was presented at the conference and the YouTube video Clearly mentions my name as the top contributor in the work. The slides have received 2k views on slide-share. can this be submitted as the Mandatory Criteria Evidence?

  2. I read on technation visa guide that High salary can also be presented as Mandatory evidence. Can the annual salary range of ~200k GBP (base salary + bonus + stocks) considered high enough to be included in the Mandatory Criteria Evidence?

Is above two enough for MC evidence? If above are not enough, I can additionally

  1. request VP/Directors of couple of Indian start-up(1B+ valuation) that are aware of my work to provide LOR.
  2. include research paper that was accepted at international Machine Learning Conference that I published (published in springer) last year (2020) - Ideally I want to keep this for OC evidence and not duplicate it in MC evidence.