Mandatory criteria : evidence of speaking at high-profile digital technology sector events

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Can a leading international event, intelligence, and scholarly research group company project manager letter is sufficient to list all my speaking, panel member, etc? or any industry expert letter is better?

I believe the guideline specifies industry expert … I am not sure how Tech Nation would treat event organisers. I would think a letter from such a company would fit better under the recognition criteria or maybe even leading talent depending on the type of events.

However, (and I am assuming here) , if the event manager is able to show how their event is top of their class and you are one of their regular speakers … maybe … just maybe it could work … but it would not be my first choice for one of the 3 recommenders.

(ps: wouldn’t a fellow panelist be a better choice ? )

Why do you need to pick one or the other? I would say put both.

Thank you all for your inputs

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