Made a glaring error in CV while applying

Hello Everyone,

I made a glaring error in my CV while submitting the Tech Nation stage-1 application. However, my LinkedIn profile is in order. What are my options to correct and resubmit?

Appreciate any responses.


Hi Murali,

I know you will be bothered but there is nothing you can do right now. Just stay put. I believe the reviewers are not just checking a bunch of checklists without thinking.

Also, there will be an opportunity to contest their decision if this actually imparts your endorsement. They will share the reason why they didn’t endorse you and if it had to do with this error, you can write back and reference your LinkedIn.

I really hope it will not get to this.

All the best chargie!


Thank you, @oladayo_leggo, for your kind response.

I hope everything will be fine.