LOR for Evidence

Hello everyone,

Please, can I use 2 out of my 3 LOR or 3 of the LOR as evidence to support my mandatory criteria and optional criteria in addition to other criterias?

Secondly, could someone please recommend a video or tutorial on how to make my application.

The long awaited time is here. I hope to share my testimony here soonest . :pray:

Thank you everyone :heartbeat:

You could do that but I wouldn’t recommend it, best to have diverse recommendations to show you are recognised in the sector. I don’t think you will find step by step video in how to apply. Some videos are also stale because the guidelines are often updated from time to time.

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Thank you, @Francisca_Chiedu . Please, can I get assistance on how to apply if you are free today? I want to apply today.

Thank you.

Hey, there are several videos on YouTube which can help you. Just search for “UK global talent visa”

Process per TN’s official guidance:

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Thank you, @heman. This is helpful. I will check it now. It’s just that I hear about people making mistakes during application and I wanted an experienced person’s guidance. Thank you.