Looking for Guidance


I am gathering documents to apply for Tech Visa, I am still a bit confused with aligning my business skills and job experiences to the application. Please if there is anyone that can guide me , please I can drop my email address via inbox.


My advice is: Read qualifying criteria again and again. Then put it aside. Just remember a simple fact that you need to prove your talent. concentrate on your career achievements, gather as many evidence as you can. Don’t rule out anything. Once you have gathered all that you possibly could, revisit criteria again and then give thorough consideration in pick and choose process to link the best suited documents against each criteria. This process would be hard on you as it was for me and I am sure lots of others as well. The best parameter for pick n choose process should be based on the following quote from Sir Winston Churchil:
"It is not enough that we do our best; sometimes we must do what is required’


Thanks so I work in a tech hub and I was a facilitator for our netprenuers and developers fellowship, kids code camp so I want to know.if I can use it as the application of technical computing hardware in the digital technology sector.

The context you provide here is so little that saying anything conclusive is difficult. However, on first glance, the visa isn’t meant for “facilitator” roles. You need to prove that what you did directly contributed to evolution of one or more startups. I am afraid facilitation in code-camps and fellowship programs is not generally in the same category.

Yes I was a business developer for a startup but it failed.
I wanted to write about being a sales executive and selling the companies product which is the netprenuers and developers fellowship, kids code academy that brought revenue to the tech hub.
Though I currently work with a startup in UK remotely