Letter of Reference as a picture

Hi, What happened is:
One of my recommenders has sent me a letter in the form of a picture, typed on paper and signed by hand. Is it still good to go?

If yes,
How to attach it then as a form of evidence:

  1. Inside some general doc file, have another related example of evidence and then paste it as well on 2nd or 3rd page as a picture?

I intend to use it in the OC2 and MC evidence.

Also the subject is the recommendation letter to the UKTN for GTV, still fine as the reference letter?

Thank you!!

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There are lot of online tools to convert image to pdf ,
Convert to PDF and submit for better look and feel.

All the best.

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The TechNation’s form-field for LOR only accept PDF format (if I am not mistake).

As @Ramesh87 suggested you can use any online tool to convert. Additionally, you may try

  • to put the picture into MsDoc and print it as PDF,
  • any mobile app such as CamScanner to create PDF files out of images.
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Just save it in PDF. Some recommenders scan a picture as they don’t want what they have written to be altered.

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It is good to go. Just convert it to a pdf and attach as a document. Find example below.

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Thanks a lot!! I have got the digital doc now after requesting the recommender. So having it docusigned and sharing it in the form of pdf is way better than that printed letter pdf, right?

Hand-signed and DocuSign are equally the same in terms of value. The content inside, formatting, and referer credential are the keys to your success.

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