Letter of Recommendation

I have a Letter of Recommendation from 2 Cofounder of different startups, 1 CFO of a big company, 1-course leader of the university.

Both co-founders are having AI startup, CFO is from a company like Pepsi where they use AI products for internal automation and 1-course leader of a premium university that specialized in AI.

Co-founders are from a technical background, CFO is from a finance background and the course leader is again from a technical background.

Who should I include in 3 letters of recommendation?

1-course leader of university + 2 cofounders of different startup


CFO of a big company + 2 cofounders of different startup

Please advice


I would suggest to get a mix of big company, 1 course startup and one co founder. I think the thing that matters is how is their profile is and how they have contributed and made an impact in tech sector.

The second important point is the content of letter. Even if you get from good leaders but content is not up to the mark like not able to demonstrate that you are exceptional then it will be of no use.

I would say first tech nation sees the content and then sees who has written it. But both of them are equally important.

Hope it helps