Letter of Recommendation Inquiry

Hello House,

On of the individuals I selected to write a recommendation letter for me is the founder of a PR FIRM that is focused on African Tech companies. The individual has also been a mentor at the Google Launchpad Africa for more than 5 years.

Is this person suitable to write a letter for me?


Is the person an expert in your field? Does the person know your work? This fir could be classified as a consultancy so you need to be mindful.

For clarification, I am a startup founder.
Yes, the individual knows my work as my company was accepted to the second cohort of a 3 months startup program which is focused on Startups solving problems for the African market.

I don’t think the person knows you enough. If the person met you during a 3months hackathon that makes it worse. I have seen a tech nation rejection feedback related to mentors met during a short accelerator programme.

Thanks for the valuable advice

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