Last 5 years from which day?

Hi everyone

I have completed the first part of stage 1 application. I mean I submitted my application to Home Office, and I havent submit my evidences to tech nation yet.

Some of my evidences re about to expire. So I am wondering if the last 5 years counted from the submission to home office or tech nation?

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Hi @Francisca_Chiedu

Sorry for bothering but I find you very knowledgable on these issues and I was wondering if you have any information on this?

Just my take but I don’t think they are super pedantic about the exact dates. If the evidence is compelling enough and it isn’t from like eons ago, they will likely consider it. I submitted a few evidences from ~6 years ago.

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I really don’t know, it depends on the assessor. You may b lucky and it is still considered within 5 years.

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Thanks a lot for your answers :slight_smile: @Francisca_Chiedu @VM23