Kindly review my profile - Exceptional promise

I’m a Software Engineer with 4 years of experience in the digital tech, I want to apply for Exceptional promise with MC, OC2, OC3 and OC4.

Personal statement (980 words)

LOR 1 - CEO from Company A whom i worked with, knows me and about my achievements (also evidenced by CV, online profile screenshots and links)
LOR2 - Assoc. Dr. Prof “A” Who knows me and the detailed knowledge about my achievements (also evidenced by CV, online profile screenshots and links).
LOR3 - Assoc. Dr. Prof “B” moved to another university, knew my achievements for over 12 months before she left (also evidenced by CV, online profile screenshots and links)

1.1 - I led the growth of a product-led digital technology company evidenced by reference letter from CTO of company A.

1.4- Outside of my normal day-to-day job role, I am a significant contributor to a substantial open source project, screenshots of my GitHub commit summaries, repos-added screenshots, links to the web app which I developed.

1.8 - Published material in an international peer review journal, the article that I have published (Title, Date, and Links)

OC 2
A consistent and ongoing track record of contributions to the sector. ( My Github profile link and screenshot, contributions in open source repos, sources and forked repos.

OC 3
3.1 - Employment contract with salary information including any bonus and equity options from company A (also evidence by financial documents)

3.2 - Letter from company B.

3.3 - Documentation on architecture diagram of my Personal work showing my contribution ( screenshots, links and some explanation but as one evidence).

3.4 - My GitHub account showing contains lines of codes clearly showing my continuing contribution (added screenshots)

OC 4.

4.3 - Evidence of awards received for outstanding applied work, supported by excellent academic achievement (Master’s degree Certificate and transcripts).

4.4 - A letter of support from my research supervisor

Hi @sam83,

Nice profile.

Note that in the actual application you’d only be able to choose two optional criteria. I can see that you have 3 here being OC2, OC3 and OC4.

I also personally think that some evidences are stronger under certain criteria than the others.

For instance:
MC gives you the opportunity to put your strongest qualities forward. Your employment Contract in OC3, your academic awards would be good here too.

OC3: Letter from CTO of company A should be here too.

OC4 should include your publication(s) too.

I don’t know how it works though if you have to apply under academic/researcher if you choose OC4 as an option.

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Hi @ask4jubad,

Thank you for your response. I think i can only provide the stated evidences for the MC1, MC4, MC8 criteria, will this be strong enough?

For the optional criteria, OC3 and OC4 would be easier for me to gather more Evidences.

Like I mentioned earlier, there’s no requirement that you have to split your evidence across the criteria evenly say 4-3-3.

You can use the same evidence in multiple criteria. So, for instance, awards in OC4 can be used as MC as well.

From the surface, it doesn’t look like your MC would suffice and that’s why I personally think more is better.

I stand corrected.

You profile looks good for promise. How many years experience do you have? You need to be sure your CV and LinkedIn doesn’t give the impression that you have more than 5 years experience.
When you say award for applied work, what kind of award is it, is the award just monetary or recognition for your contribution in your field?

Does your GitHub show you have some achievements, how long have you contributed and what’s the metric on your GitHub?

I have 4 years of experience, my CV didn’t give the impression of more. within the last 5 years, I worked for 2 employers, 1. full time (2015- 2017), Also, I worked for an employer (hybrid) while studying my PGD program (2017- 2019). Left the country and completed my masters program last year (2020- 2022). What do think?

The award for applied work, I meant academic contributions maybe through research. Recognition for contribution to my field, I don’t know where my certificate/transcripts would fit in?

Github since 2019- 371 contributions within last year, commits, ( 30 repos both forked, 27 are public, web projects.)

Okay, using same evidence in multiple criteria would work, I want my MC to be strong if it would also go that way. For my employment contract in OC3 to My MC even if i did not command a high salary?

For the awards, it’s my academic award.

Open to any suggestions in arranging the documents appropriately like you mentioned earlier.


I can confirm that stellar academic awards (MSc/PhD particularly) are suitable for MC.

For employment contract, if you did not command a high salary, then don’t use it for MC, but maybe it’s still OK for OC3.