Kindly review my profile -Exceptional promise (Business)

Hi everyone - I am the COO of a managed talent platform that connects talent with clients seeking business advisory. We started building our platform at the end of 2019. As the COO,I am in charge of running daily operations, and I build the workflow for how the platform and features should work for the CTO to translate into actual output.

Letters of reference

  1. CTO to talk about my role in the development the development of the product
  2. Tech investor in our company to talk about my role in driving tech as an innovation in my sector and commercial leadership of the business and fundraising
  3. Former colleague now CEO and cofounder of fintech talking about my personal growth over the years and driving innovation in my sector


  1. Offer letter showing salary (is $70k a high salary?) and stock options
  2. Appointment as member of the board as filed with government authorities

Evidence #2

  1. Speaking at a high-profile tech event as a panelist
  2. Speaking as a guest on a popular tech podcast
  3. Interview on Tech Cabal

OC 1 - Innovation
Evidence #1

  1. Pitch deck showing how our product works, highlighting the most innovative parts (machine learning)
  2. Growth of number of users of the platform
  3. List of known companies that have used the platform

Evidence #2

  1. Press coverage of our seed round fundraising
  2. Snippets of term-sheet signed

OC 2 - Impact
Evidence #1

  1. Letter from founder and CEO talking about my contribution to the business since I joined in terms of commercial growth, product advancement and user growth
  2. Documents showing sales pipeline, audited financial statements for the last 3 years, product designs built.
  3. Snapshot of dashboard showing number of projects completed on the platform over time

Your feedback is deeply appreciated. If you think there are other ways to rearrange or fortify my evidences, please let me know.

@Francisca_Chiedu :pray: :pray: :pray:

Thank you

OC2 is contribution outside normal work so don’t mistakenly submit evidences that don’t address a criteria.

OC3 should be IMPACT.

Regarding your LOR from CTO, I would rather recommend to use it as OC1/OC3 (but since CEO is writing a letter for OC3 for you, then you can use CTO for OC1). Thereafter, look for another C-level executive outside your direct work but knows your work to write an LOR for you.