Kindly review my Global Talent

Hi everyone,

I would appreciate for and feedback on my profile as I’m going to submit my application for Tech nation Endorsement.

Background: I have 9 years of experience in IT

I’ve started as QA engineer. After 3 years I became a Scrum Master and Agile Coach. And currently I’m RTE (Delivery manager) and managing a leader of a team of 20 members. And also I have significant participation in making Product and Business decisions for our product.

So for last 6 years I’m working in product led company which develops trading platform as SaaS solution for other businesses.

Category: Exceptional Talent, Technical/Business Skills

Letter of Recommendations (all specifically mentioning my skillset, contribution and promise in tech with examples)

  • LoR from CTO of product-led company develop SaaS fintech solution. Speaking about my contribution to develop new product how it growth because of me
  • LoR from Head of PMO of ****Really big developer company in my born town, create the biggest trainee in the town, growth more than 1,000 developers and QA engineers. Speaking about my contribution to the education of a new generation of dev and QA engineers.
  • LoR from Agile coach of one of the biggest training company in our country. Speaking about our experience working together and create the SaaS product. This product is based on new SaaS solution. Also he is mentioning my contribution in city community (students lecture, articles and so on)


  1. Current employment contract showcasing applicant’s ability with high salary to secure senior position
  2. LoR from CEO of my product, speaking about my contribution to the product

OC2 (Recognition)

  • Photo and contract with a charitable organisation where I am leader of the training to tech students university.
  • And video of my other lecture to students in my local town university. More than 100 students came to my lecture
  • Additional: my articles on the blog of Agile process, 2 articles where I’m an expert
  • Organisator of Agile conference (program and video)

OC3 (Contribution)

  • Photo from conference where Sales team presents our product and lead new parters and clients
  • Graphs with metrics how many users and volumes we have on the platform after launching the product

Your evidence are not sufficient to meet the criteria for Exceptional talent and promise. You need to check the profile of other successful applicants.
Mandatory Criteria- Employment contract and reference is not enough to prove you have been recognised as a leader.

OC2: training students at just one university is not sufficient. See the tech nation guide for details of what is required.

OC3- Photos of your presentation at a conference doesn’t show impact. You can get an employer reference letter that details your significant contribution.