Kindly rate my exceptional promise application

Hello everyone, I’m trying to submit for exceptional promise and here are the list of what I intend to submit. I started my career in tech(fintech) as at August 2018 as a product analyst and rose to being a business development manager, regional sales manager and currently head of a unit.

Please advise if this can fly.

P.S: I have never spoken in any event.


Evidence 1: Reference letter from the CEO of a 3rd party fintech company that was instrumental in launching a retail banking platform I lead

Evidence 2: News clips about the product mentioned above

Evidence 3: Screenshots of dashboard of the same product

Evidence 4: Employment letter and role re-assignment (more like promotion) showing high salary increase. I also have payslips

OC 1: at least 2 examples of innovation as a founder of a product led digital technology company or as an employee working on a new digital field or concept

  • A retail banking product

Evidence 1: Screenshots of dashboard of another retail banking product I launched

Evidence 2: Reference letter from a colleague explaining my impact on the product

  • A consumer finance product from my first fintech company

Evidence 1: Reference letter from a former supervisor about my impact on the product and how I contributed. I actually did the research and survey as a product analyst as well as scaling the product as a business developer

Evidence 2: News clips about the product and how it has benefitted people

OC 3: they have made significant technical, commercial or entrepreneurial contributions to the field as a founder or employee of a product-led digital technology company

I led the SME Banking team at my former place of work

Evidence 1: Screenshots of dashboard

Evidence 2: Reference letter from a former supervisor of the same unit

Hello @charles_odogwu, and welcome to the community.

I think you forgot to include information about three required letters of recommendation.

I see that you use at least 2 examples of wording, wherein the official guide is at least 1 example of. Are you sure you’re in sync with the Latest Tech Nation Visa Guide?

You put screenshots to MC section, but according to the guide, assessors expect different types of evidence for MC. The employment letter is also not what they wish for MC.

I would recommend carefully studying the latest guide and rethinking the evidence pieces.

Best wishes,

Thanks a lot @Savvkin. Does the 3 reference/recommendation forms part of the 10 evidences? I think that was the reason I didn’t include them.
Also the employment letter/payslips shows i command a high salary. what do you think?
I will adjust the others for OC

Charles, application form contains:

  • Personal Summary - up to 250 words
  • Personal Statement - up to 1000 words
  • CV - up to 3 pages
  • Letter of Recommendation - 3 pcs, up to 3 pages each
  • Evidences - 10 pcs, up to 3 pages each

A high salary, like the top 5% in the UK (or your country) or compared to similar employees, is a good thing to include, but it should be under one of the OC. And it is typically ignored if other pieces of evidence are not strong enough.

Please, read the Guide carefully. Questions you ask so far are covered very detailed manner.

Thank you @Savvkin. I have gone through it again. I will leave this open for other contributors to enable me understand better. @Francisca_Chiedu your expertise will go a long way here. Thanks so much.

MC1, whats the reference letter about?
MC2 , is the news clippings about you? Were you mentions in the newsclipping?
MC3, How does screenshots of the dash demonstrate leadership?
I think you should take @Savvkin’s advice as check the list of the evidence listed in the Mandatory criteria and optional criteria. it is further down the guide.

same feedback for optional criteria 3.
OC2- what’s in the screenshot? codes, sales or growth numbers? It is not clear how the screenshots show innovation.
OC2- Reference letter explaining your impact on the product doesn’t meet this criteria.

“Please note that the term ‘significant contribution’ in this criteria requires you to demonstrate impact, not necessarily innovation. This is different from Optional Criteria 1 where you are required to demonstrate high levels of innovation, not necessarily impact. If these are your chosen criteria then your evidence should clearly demonstrate this differentiation. Submitting the same evidence for both criteria may not be sufficient if it does not meet these different requirements”.

Thank you @Francisca_Chiedu. I will take a look at it again.