Kindly Help Review my Exceptional Talent Prep

My Background: I am an IT Infrastructure engineer working in a financial services company in the UK. I also recently founded a startup company focused on developing and building smart solutions for businesses and homes. Though my startup is not making lots of revenue at the moment but our products are now at finishing stages of development and ready to hit the market.

My Personal statement:

  • A brief description of my career profile and values.
  • How I am currently contributing to the digital economy in the UK.
  • Description of my current projects
  • Description of the company I have founded in the UK.

LOR-1: Letter from the CTO of a bank in my country which the company I founded there provides technology products and services for.
LOR-2: Letter from the product manager of our partner company in China. They help us manufacture hardware parts of our products.
LOR-3: Letter from my former head of IT department of a fashion company in the UK, I once worked for.

Mandatory Criteria

  1. Documents showing my UK start up company and the company’s last account showing the little revenue so far.
  2. Documents showing the company I founded in my country and the company’s last audited income statements.
  3. Employment contracts with revenue slips

Optional Criteria

  • Evidence of innovation/product development, proof of product in market and associated traction through revenue (though the product marketing is still in early stages and has only launched in the market).
  • Last set of audited accounts, projections for current financial year and articles of association.
  • Evidence of revenue and invoices of the company I founded in my home country.


  • Employment contract with salary information including bonuses with evidences of how I have made a significant impact in the sector beyond your day-to-day activities.
  • Evidence of my nomination for a tech talent budding cohort at Centre for Entrepreneur in London, England.
  • Schematics of my smart IoT product design diagram that I designed for smart utility metering.

Thank you very much for your time, I look forward to your feedback.

I think your recommenders are not strong enough especially the third, best to get people working in productled company. Your mandatory Criteria is also weak it doesn’t show that you have been recognised as a leader in the sector. Optional criteria 1 is also not so strong. Aside your company related documents what other external evidence do you have?

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Thanks so much @Francisca_Chiedu; I really appreciate your feedback. I’ll work on the letters of recommendation as you have suggested and include more evidences.