Just got to the UK: NI + Visa Length

Hi Y’all! I just got to the UK and picked up my biometrics card:

  1. It says it expires end of 2024, does that mean I only got a 1.5 year Exceptional Talent Visa?
  2. Where do I find my national insurance information? I assumed it was on the BRP


Hi @Salmaa_Elshanshory ,
Anyone whose visa lasts beyond Dec 2024 will see Dec 2024 as ever end date on their BRP. This is because the UKBA plans to phase out physical BRPs in favour of digital ones.

More info can be found here : Biometric residence permits (BRPs): Report a problem with your new BRP - GOV.UK.

I am not sure about 2, but mine also does not have my NI number listed anywhere. The previous Tier 2 BRP did have it.


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You don’t automatically receive a NIN - you need to apply for it: Apply for a National Insurance number: How to apply - GOV.UK

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I have an NIN ,which was printed in my tier 2 BRP. it’s missing from my GT BRP. Not sure why.

Thank you super helpful! But how do I see if I got a 3 year or 5 year visa?

The email from UKBA, that notified you about your successful application should mention the expiration date. If you can’t find the email, you can also go here Prove your right to work to an employer: Overview - GOV.UK, and generate your right to work proof which has all the information.