Java consultant, but have been working on a long term project. Still elligble?

I’m a Java consultant with 1.5YOE. I have been working for a consultancy company for 1.5 years. Since then I have only been working on 1 long term project for a client. This project is an application used to handle incoming invoices, used by over 150 worldwide sibling companies of my client.

Tech nation guidance says that consultants (technical even) are “generally” not eligible for this visa. But I was wondering if I should still put in the time and effort to make an application. Are there any chances of me being endorsed, if I say that I have only been working on 1 product for those 1.5 years?

Many thanks.

Like you rightly pointed out, Tech Nation prefers applicants who work for product-led digital technology companies. You did not mention your entire career profile over the past 5 years. If your work has been primarily in product development, you may be able to make a strong case for this in application. The optional criteria that relate to evidence from product-led companies may be tricky so you have to choose and present your evidence carefully. Be aware of how your company may be perceived by outsiders. If your company has a reputation as a consulting firm, it may be more difficult to convince. In this case, it may be better to focus on highlighting your own skills and achievements.