Is UK Tech Sector Experience Sufficient Evidence for Exceptional Talent Visa?

Hi everyone,

I am currently exploring the possibility of applying for an Exceptional Talent Visa in the United Kingdom. As part of the application process, I am required to provide evidence of exceptional talent or promise in my chosen field. I have been working in the UK tech sector for a while now and I’m wondering if this experience alone would be considered strong evidence for the visa application.

Specifically, I would like to know if having a background in the UK tech sector would significantly contribute to my chances of being granted the Exceptional Talent Visa. I understand that this visa is highly selective, and the requirements are quite stringent. However, given the reputation and significance of the UK tech industry, I believe my experience in this sector should count for something.

I would greatly appreciate any insights or experiences you may have regarding this matter. Has anyone successfully obtained an Exceptional Talent Visa based primarily on their work in the UK tech sector? Are there any additional steps or documentation that I should consider to strengthen my application? Any guidance or advice would be invaluable.

Thank you all in advance for your help!

Working in the UK tech sector does not make your evidence weak or strong.

Firstly, you need to read through this 1001 times to understand their requirements.

Tech Nation Requirement

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Working in the UK tech sector is one thing, having solid evidence to show are a recognised leader in another. What evidence do you have to meet the mandatory and two optional criteria?

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