İs there anyone who is endorsed 2nd attempt?

İs there anyone who is endorsed 2nd attempt?

It may sounds like a somewhat-stupid answer :slight_smile: , but just to answer your question then. … If you mean “appeal”, yes I have seen a number of people get endorsed from their appeal.

Some people got endorsed after 2, 3, and 4th attempt.

Yes, I got endorsed on my second attempt

Hi chiamaka,

I saw you faced a similar issue on another post. I am currently in the process of applying for stage 2 and would like to address a specific question on the online application form. As an individual holding a valid student visa until January 2024, I have encountered the following inquiry:

“Are you currently receiving money from an official financial sponsor or have you received money from an official financial sponsor in the last 12 months?”

The term “official sponsor” is defined as follows:

“Examples of an official financial sponsor include the UK Government or your home government, a university, or an international company or organization. Examples of support may include a scholarship, internship, fellowship, or training program.”

In my particular case, my Ph.D. studies receive partial funding from my current university in the UK. They contribute £3000 towards my tuition fees and also cover my living expenses. I have received an installment within the past year. My question pertains to whether this arrangement qualifies as an official financial sponsorship. I have received conflicting advice on this matter, with some affirming its status as an official financial sponsorship, while others argue against it. Consequently, I find myself in a state of confusion.

Furthermore, if I were to answer “yes” to the aforementioned question, I would be required to provide:

"A letter from my current or previous official financial sponsor confirming their permission for me to continue my studies in the UK. "

Regrettably, my university is unfamiliar with this document, as they lack experience with the Graduate Route (GTV).

Could you please help me clarify

Hello all,
I got a rejection for my review application as stated below:
"We agree that the projects presented do not demonstrate examples of leading projects at a product-led digital technology organization. We agree that the talks do not focus on technically advanced subject matter but instead focus on digital transformation with some talks given in an employment capacity. Overall we agree MC1 has not been met.

For OC3, we agree that the evidence presented for this criteria is not sufficient to demonstrate a track record of significant contributions to a product-led digital technology organization as a founder, employee, senior executive, or board member that has made a notable impact on the organization. Overall OC3 has not been met."

I am planning for a re-application however need to make my case stronger this time. Can you kindly advise how can I get my articles published online?
Also what the notable impact on the organization means.
I shared the details of a regulatory project where I led the program moving from a legacy platform to a modern platform with cost savings of approx 1.2 mil CHF annually among other benefits. Is this a major project?
Can anything please suggest @Francisca_Chiedu, I know you have helped a lot of people sail through. Looking forward for your input as well on this. Many thanks.

I think you need to rethink you list of evidence. There is also a posibility you are not presenting yiur evidence well. In terms of publishing articles you can’t use evidence close to to the timing of your application.

@Francisca_Chiedu. Let me re-work on the evidence. Once I am ready, I will get back to this forum for a review. Many thanks.


@Francisca_Chiedu I had applied to GTV and got rejected 1st - but my mandatory criteria was OK, O1 & O3 is NOK so got rejected.
I have been preparing for 2nd apply , so can I mention my story for that is it useful for me.

I don’t get what you mean by mentioning your story. Each application is treated as a fresh application.

I re-applied the same day I got rejected for the 1st attempt, I made the necessary corrections and in less than two weeks I go endorsed


Which document did you add to your list? Thanks @eugene_adortsu

I was asked to prove the investment I received for my startup, so I had to provide an investment agreement from the VC, and also my recommendation letters were not signed so I fixed that.