Is it safe to submit stage 1 application during the holiday?

Hey guys,

I’m currently rounding up my stage 1 application for the tech nation endorsement and plan to submit it on Friday, 23 December (next tomorrow).

I worry that I’m submitting it during the holiday period, which means it will be queuing in the backlogs till 4th January 2023 before it will be processed. The concern I have with this is that they might rush the review of my application in that 4th January they’re resuming since there will be so many applications on the ground for them to review. I don’t know if I’m overthinking this at this point (lol).

My strategy currently is to wait till January 2023, when they’re back from holiday before submitting instead of submitting during this Christmas, and new year holiday period the Tech Nation visa office is closed (even though applications are fully opened).

Please advise on what best direction to take on this. Is it okay to submit a stage 1 application for endorsement during this holiday? Thanks!

Your advice will be appreciated. @Yusuf_Adebanjo @Francisca_Chiedu and anyone available to answer. :pray:t5:

Your submission date or time doesn’t have any effect on the review in terms of how it would be reviewed.

Tech Nation will not rush any review as they have a long list of reviewers assigned in the different tech field. These reviewers are also changed regularly, so tlits not an issue of any reviewer having a timeline to review.

Ultimately, since they will be on holiday. It is expected that the 3weeks timeline will not start counting until resumption.


Thanks so much for helping to clarify this for me. I appreciate your kind respond.