Involved with consultancy or agency work?


When I tried to check my eligibility for Tech Nation endorsement via below link, When I selected YES for consultancy or agency work then instantly showed the below message:

The question is:

Are you involved with consultancy or agency work?

I worked before as an “Information Security Lead Consultant” in a Cybersecurity Solution Provider where I perform various cybersecurity related projects at their clients.

My article publish in international Magazine related to Cybersecurity, I found many security bugs in Microsoft and other websites, I have courses at online platform “Udemy”. I got Cisco Cybersecurity scholarship. I have active Github profile where I launched Cybersecurity tools and lot of research experiences I have.

Can anyone please explain what does mean by consultancy or agency work for my case as I worked as consultant before?

Thank you.


@jamal this visa is meant for people who are p roduct engineers or undertaking a job related to product development aspect of digital technology.or involved in financial.aspect of product GTM work. Outsourcing and consultancy is not the area ideally.targetted.for. Also with newly changed guidance,.criteria of continuous learning is gone for good so that’s that. In my opinion if you can show your area of work somehow touches the product led work then you have a ground to apply for this visa.

Thanks Mukesh for the quick response.

Yes, I am also a developer and Team lead of a Fintech product too. Meanwhile, I paid the home office fee for endorsement before 30 Nov 2020 and I can provide Continuous learning evidence as old criteria applicable for me as Home Office personnel confirmed me.

Right now I am working in a development team, my previous experience was as a Cybersecurity consultant.

Your suggestion is awaited.

Thank you.

@jamal if you have already applied then there isn’t any point discussing your case anymore. You should wait for your result. And I would humbly request all of the candidates that please ask questions only before you apply or after you get an outcome.of your application in case it is not positive. Asking questions for an application which is already made is beyond your control or beyond our opinion which is nothing but a waste of time.

@Mukesh_Adhvaryu As I said that I only paid the fee of endorsement, I didnt fill the form and attach the require documents for Tech Nation. I am working on it.

So, please give me suggestion for my queries which asked you before.

Thank you.

@jamal as far as my understanding is concerned, old rules were.applicable for application submitted on or before Nov 30. Paying a fee is not in anyway application submission. So if you submit your documents now, I am.afraid it’s new rules only.

No, if anyone submitted home office application before 30 Nov, old criteria will be applied for that applicant. Home Office confirmed me.

So, now please answer my queries @Mukesh_Adhvaryu

Thank you.