I need help to organise my evidences - Business Applicant

would you help answering these question. I am struggling to collect evidences.
1). I am a CEO of the company and selling a digital product to telecommunication companies. Most of the companies contracts I won as a contractor are in telecom industry who make digital products (internet routers/devices) etc. and they supply it to customers nationwide. Are they fall under product led company?

2). I also worked for a known hospital and won a contract that is in digital space as hospital requires electrical power to operate and I sold my software to them that helped them to increase operational efficiency. if I obtain a reference letter from hospital and provide a copy of the contract. would it be okay? if yes, which criteria should I put into?
I also worked for the same hospital (free of cost) provided them digital and technical support - can obtain a reference letter. can i paste that proof under OC2 worked for non-profit?