I need advice on how to go

Greetings everyone am new here. Currently am doing training/internship on cloud DevOps and planning of applying for the Global Talent Visa next year. What should I be putting in place now and the how can I build enough portfolios that will qualify me getting the endorsed when I apply next year? Advice needed
. Thanks.

How many years of experience do you have as a devops engineer ?

One year and two month

In my opinion, that’s a small time to gain any serious kind of recognition.

You’ll need to show a track record of evidence of activities that you’ve participated in over time. Not just a short period. There has to be a long term element of consistency and you can’t have that in 1 year.

It would be near impossible to prove anything you’ve done in that period beyond reasonable doubts.
I think you should the read the guide, and start being intentional about your contributions to tech. i e contributing to a product led tech company, contributing to open source, public speaking etc.
With time, you’ll have achieved enough that you’ll be confident to go for it.

Good luck

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OK thanks so much for the advice