I don't have a passport but I paid to gov.uk

When applying on gov.uk, I chose the option I don’t have a passport and wrote the reason. It asked me for my country ID and I wrote it. I made the payment and had to send the documents to the tech nation but when sending documents on tech nation site it asked for passport serial number in Application Form.

I didn’t want to pay for the passport without my approval, I didn’t see anything about passport in tech nation guide.

I have applied for my passport but I will not be able to receive my passport within 15 days given by the tech nation.
What should I do? I wrote my country ID on gov.uk, is it okay if I write it here too?

If the Passport Number field is not mandatory (required) probably you should skip it. You need a passport for stage 2 though.

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Just put the same number you sed on the gov.uk website

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Hi @Sedat_Salman

I am in the right situation right now. I was wondering how you solved this