I did not get a UAN


I just paid for my stage 1, I got sent a receipt that contains a reference number, and a link to a form. I clicked the link to the form (tech nation), and I was told I had to update my eligibility before proceeding. I clicked the button, and got presented a form. In the form I am being asked for the reference number I got, and a UAN but I did not get the UAN in the email and I can’t proceed without it. Or am I missing something?

I got it after 24 hours. Wait for it

Ok thanks. Someone just asked me to download a “document checklist” at the end, which I did, I have seen it there.

Check the document checklist. After you pay it will take you to a next step page where you will download the document containing the URN or UAN.

Thank you. It has been sorted

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