I can't decide which criteria I should apply

I can’t decide which criteria I should apply

—Experience as a commercial/business leader in a digital business (P&L, growth, sales and distribution strategy)?

—Experience expanding or growing a significant product-focused digital technology business?

----Experience as C Suite in a SMEs + (CEO, CMO, CIO) or head of operations for a digital business?

I am an entrepreneur, I have a company I founded in 2017. 100% mine. I’m in the digital research industry. I developed survey software. With digital marketing method, I conduct research digitally, not from the field. I do all the processes. From software to marketing and product development

I have bachelor’s and master’s degrees in statistics. I studied software at high school and wrote a thesis on big data.

Mandatory Criteria 1
My company is a digital research firm that specializes in digital research. We have developed survey software and integrated digital marketing. We also conduct research with ad buying. Our target audience analysis of social media platforms allows us to conduct research on brands in a very short time, targeting the same and similar audiences. I am the sole owner of the company, 100% mine. I have a product. I have received a reference letter from the agency I work with. I provided an overview of the project processes and demonstrated my compliance with ISO 9001-20252 standards.

Mandatory Criteria 2:
I participated in live broadcasts. I added live broadcast footage.
I provided press outputs of the research conducted by my company. He stated that I conducted the research.

Mandatory Criteria 3:
I am also one of the founders of the Data Literacy Association, an active association for six years. I have included details of my activities and contributions. I have received a reference letter from the president of the association. I have also contributed to another association and received a reference letter from the president of the association.

Mandatory Criteria 4

I provide consultancy to an artificial intelligence startup, advising them on software and product development. I have a reference letter from the managing director, a consultancy agreement and statistics.

Mandatory Criteria 5
I received an award for big data analysis and optimisation from the retail industry association. The association is a sectoral association representing companies with a volume of 12 billion £. I presented the photo I received an award from the stage and the incoming mail. I have received a reference letter from an economics professor attesting to the significance of my contributions.

Optional Criteria 2
I have a YouTube channel on AI Colour. I discussed the channel’s 5,000 subscribers and videos, as well as my consultancy work with the agency sector on AI Colour. We received an award from the agency, which I presented at the ceremony. I also provided a reference letter. The award ceremony included a scene where I discussed the channel’s achievements and the agency sector representatives’ mentions of my projects on their official YouTube channels.

Optional Criteria 3
I developed a mobile survey application product in 2017-2019, during which time I was a partner in a startup. I was responsible for all aspects of the project, including coding and product development. I provided data on store statistics, company setups, and income-profits.

Optional Criteria 4
I have six articles in refereed journals. One of them was produced from my thesis, but I emphasised that this article would make an important contribution to the literature.

Waiting for your help

I think you first need to read tech nation as some if your evidence makes you ineligible. Work done under consultancy are not eligible.
Choosing eligible criteria is different from selecting your experience skill or job category.

I am struggling to understand the evidence listed to prove the mandatory criterion.
MC evidence 1, I can’t make sense of it
Evidence 2: what is the live broadcast about? Is this a sector leading event? Were you a key note speaker? How many people attended the event?
Evidence 4 of MC doesn’t meet the criteria. evidence 5 I’d this a sector leading award? What exactly is the title of the award! E.g Founder of the year?

OC2 your referencing you consultancy work won’t fly. Also the YouTube channel, wharf the average viewership? Award received related to your work do not meet OC2.

OC3 work done in 2017 do not meet the 5 years period, folk on 2029 till date. It is also not clear how you are providing impact.

For OC4 are the papers related to your MSc course!?


Thank you for your feedback

I did not write the numbers I wrote in the mandatory criteria in the order in the form. I am summarising again now.

What I wrote as MC1 actually corresponds to MC2 on the form. I apologise I wrote incomplete

Here I bring innovation to the research sector in the sector. I have survey software. I developed it myself. I integrated performance evaluation tools used in e-commerce into the software. I moved the data collection processes to complete digital media. I can report to the brand with a sample size of 5k in 5 days. The most valuable thing I offer is that we reach that audience again. For example, instead of an Instagram amazon product advertisement, a research advertisement appears and you click and participate in the research. I have a hard time explaining this. It is perceived as consultancy. I actually have a product with survey software + performance tool. I think it is a vision in digitalising data collection processes. Research will always be done, I am actually doing digital with my product and my story. You cannot get ISO 9001 without software. This quality certificate for digital technology. I added that too.

Does it still fall under consultancy?

What I wrote as MC2 actually corresponds to MC7 in the form.

I participated in 2 live broadcasts

The first was a Youtube broadcast. We talked about the impact of the pandemic on consumer habits and technological adaptations of users. I presented statistics and 421 people followed the live broadcast.

The other was invited to a live broadcast by the TV channel due to my knowledge and competence in digital and blockchain technologies and financial literacy. This news was of great importance for Bitcoin and blockchain technologies. It had both technological and stock market (monetary) value. The channel is a national channel watched by 81 million people in Turkey. I participated as an expert and competent person invited.

There is an image from the live broadcast, but I could not present statistics because it was 3 years ago. There is only an image from the live broadcast.

What I wrote as MC3 is actually the same as MC3 on the form.

Do you think I prove it with the data literacy association? The other association works on digital.

What I wrote as MC4 actually corresponds to MC5 in the form.

App is a pioneering artificial intelligence-based digital social interaction platform that aims to reach millions of users. The platform provides intelligent solutions to users’ daily problems, allowing them to make satisfying decisions and have realistic “friendship” experiences.

I have a share-based consultancy contract here, but consultancy here is actually leadership and mentoring. If I reach the targets, they will give 2%. That’s what counselling is. I’m having trouble explaining this. How should I explain it? Is a letter of ref enough?

I have been leading for 8 months.

What I wrote as MC4 is actually the same as MC6 in the form.

Here, I developed a mini analytic application with python and analysed bank deals in the retail sector. We made over a 2 million profit. We received an award with this solution.

Award name ‘ In order to encourage technology entrepreneurs, “Who Should We Trust?” ıt was deemed worthy of the “Jury Incentive Award” with his technological solution on the subject. Awards were also given to large organisations such as Arçelik and MediaMarkt at the ceremony.’

It is true that I wrote with Optional Criteria.


My YouTube channel consists only of videos that I color and share. He has 3.4 subscribers and 494,434 views. With these videos, I introduced the use of artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence color to the agency sector. Thanks to these videos, we worked with the agency. We received awards from industry representatives for the agency I work for. I evaluated it from the following perspective. “You can prove this by going beyond your daily profession and proving that you are engaged in an activity that will contribute to the advancement of the sector.”


With the mobile survey application we developed, we developed solutions that quickly meet users’ demands, especially by communicating instantly with users and accelerating the decision-making processes of brands. At the same time, we ensured that research was carried out faster and at lower cost and more accurate results were obtained.
We have introduced innovations to the research sector, such as preparing specific questions with scenarios in data collection and asking questions with pictures and videos that guide users. We also introduced the innovation of instant data collection and analysis from mobile devices to the research industry.

In July 2019, we removed the app from the Play Store and terminated the partnership. I said in the form I made in the last 7 months that I think it met the criteria of the last 5 years and that my 7 months made serious contributions. I expressed the fiction this way.


This is the link to my posts. I also received a reference letter from my thesis teacher. I wrote paper on finance, big data, psychology and communication. They all involve statistical analysis.


You evidence are all over the place, still can’t place how you meet the criteria. Hopefully other people can give you additional feedback.

Hopefully, Thank you

Examples of Business Skills I consider

“Experience expanding or growing a significant product-focused digital technology business” as the criterion.