How to prove innovation without violating company non disclosure agreements

I want to apply using OC1 and OC3, however I work for one of the big tech companies and some of my work will be used in unreleased products. I do have some evidence for innovative products that have already been released and towards which I was a major contributor, but my company would not allow me to take screenshots of internal version control tools to send to technation or anyone outside the company.

I can however get good reference letters from industry experts who work with and supervise me here, some of which are world renowned in the field. Unfortunately there are no patents filed regarding these yet, but there is one published paper.

I also have 5 publications in highly selective journals but this was from when I was doing graduate studies.

All the universities I attended are in the top 30 in the world and I wonder if this could be considered for MC. The field I work in is very specialized and requires complex CS, mathematics and an understanding of hardware architecture, and I donĀ“t know whether the assessors would take this into consideration.

Also I was wondering whether anyone has more details on the eligibility criteria. I read the guide and posts on the forum and it seems to me that there is hardly any difference between the criteria for exceptional promise and talent besides the 5 year rule. Also the criteria for MC is weird since, the acceptable evidence for it listed in the guide pretty much repeats things mentioned for the OC criteria.