How to accelerate your Stage 2 process (within UK)

Thought I’d give some guidance on this, because I found some good tips which might be helpful to others.

First, this applies only if you’re applying within the UK for Stage 2, since different countries have different processes.

Second, what you should know is that the longest part of completing Stage 2 is getting a biometrics appointment. Now, not all people need to get an appointment - after submitting your Stage 2 docs and paying all of the fees, UKVCAS should email you within 5 days to let you know if you can do this online (my American girlfriend could) or must do this physically in person (me as a South African, and my Canadian friend had to it in person). Personally they never emailed me, but I logged into the UKVCAS portal one day and it said I should book a physical appointment.

Third, fresh biometric appointments are released each night at midnight for 4 weeks away. If you can wait that long, then this is a good option for getting a free appointment. You can pay more for premium appointments, but even those are still some weeks away.

Fourth, cancellations are released each morning at 09:00. These are usually for that very day, or within a few days. This means is you are pressed for time, looking for an appointment just after 9am each day will give you the best shot at this.

Personally, I logged into UKVCAS at 09:25 one Saturday, got an appointment at 11:30 and was done by lunch. 5 days later I had my BRP in hand. Very quick, very satisfying.

Best of luck out there.


@Brendan_M Thank you for sharing this. :slight_smile:

@Brendan_M Out of curiosity, did you apply for the Stage 2 and biometrics from within the UK or outside?

@Brendan_M Thanks for sharing!

Did you pay for priority service?
I’m wondering where do the 8 weeks processing time come into play?

No, I didn’t pay for the priory service. Personally I could afford to wait a bit longer if needed, and didn’t want to pay more than needed.

Not sure where the 8 weeks processing comes in. Seems like a guesstimate to inform you that Stage 2 can take some time. In fact, if you get an appointment quickly the processing time can be very short.

Hope this helps.


Thanks a lot for the reply! Happy for you!

Also @Brendan_M, may I please ask if the UKVCAS took your passport for processing or if you were able to keep it during the whole process?

I didn’t have to give it in, no, but I think they do warn against (or even prohibit) travel during some stages. Since my stage 2 only took a few days it hardly mattered, but I did travel during stage 1 and had no issues.

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Thanks @Brendan_M!

Congrats btw!

Really helpful, I got a free slot while checking at 9:30 AM.

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