How many times can you appeal?

I heard someone said is 2 times, each times given 28 days.

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I got this information from the following link:

Thank you for your reply.

So it means only 1 time.

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one time unless they raised additional reasons for rejection (New reasons) that you would like to appeal.

If you appealed the previous reasons, you cannot re-appeal for the same.

you can share your application, TechNation rejection reasons and your appeal in the forum and see members feedback if you like!

Thank you for your reply.

How can I read other applicant “TechNation rejection reasons” just for reference in this forum?

i mean the feedback you received, it obviously included their feedback and reasons to reject your application.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

No, the feedback and reason rejection from others, can I read in this forum?

You can search on the top right of the page. Think a keyword like ‘rejection’ should have what you’re looking for