How is my evidence (endorsement received)

I am planning to apply as an exceptional talent and kindly ask for your opinion.
Below is my list of evidence:

Mandatory Criteria

  1. Employment contracts - Includes history of earnings competitive remuneration with salary information including bonus and rental subsidy
  2. Letter of reference - from a leading expert (previous employer) in digital technology
  3. My publications, including conference proceedings
  4. My Research Impact, including citations and reads by regions and expert domain

Optional Criteria 3

  1. Letter of reference from my current employer (AI expert and executive Advisor )
  2. My Work impact- news clip on my work in developing AI policy for Children.
  3. Letter of reference - from the department head on my work significance

Optional Criteria 4

  1. Expert Reviewer - reviewed articles for journal publications
  2. Competitive Research Grant- awarded competitive research grants.
  3. Doctoral degree certificate- including Ph.D thesis abstract

Looks good. Best of luck!

Glad to say I was endorsed for exceptional talent, thanks for your ‘Looks good. Best of luck!’ note. Gave me courage:
Applied: August 19
Endorsed September 12
Good luck to everyone!