How can I provide evidence of my previous work?

When I left my previous company (Samsung Electronics0, I had signed “Company trade secrets” which I am unable to disclosure my company work.

Is there any public articles or PR announcement about any product launch that you’ve been a big contributor in? And if your name wasn’t mentioned on those articles - I’d suggest backing that claim up with a recommendation letter from your executives stating clearly how you’ve led that product/project to its success.

Thanks for your reply.
In a multinational company, there are 3,000 engineers working on 1 final product (e.g. mobile), they will not state all the employee names there in product launch.

Is it quite difficult.

i would suggest having reference letter from your director or CEO or anyone in senior level in the company.


yes, I will get 1 letter of recommendation (total need 3) from senior level who worked with me for the past 6 years.

And also, I am confused with the 10 evidence, is reference letter also consider as evidence?

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Recommendation Letters are Mandatory Whilst Reference Letters are Optional.

Recommendation letters are required in addition to the 10 evidences and you need to attach CV of the expert and certain details required for the recommendation letter contents.

Reference letter can be additional letter, preferably written by another experts in addition to the recommenders. not necessirly providing the CV or mentioning details required for recommendation letter.

Purpose of reference letter is to support your selected optional evidences, example, impact or innovation.

it is very important to note that not to depend on reference letter only for any criteria. it can be added as an evidence but needs to be supported by other evidences too.