How can i join the Tech Nation slack channel

Hi, I have moved to the UK and i have just finished my quarantine. How can i join the Tech Nation Slack Channel?

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did u fill up this form ?

you will get a mail invite for slack

Congrats on reaching safely, hope all well and good. stay safe :slight_smile:

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@happysoul Thank you very much. I will give it a look

My regards.

which company services did you use for day 2 and day 8 test @sojo ?

@happysoul I used Sirkka for day 2 and day 8 test.

Hey, I wanted to know if we need to be in the UK in order to join the Visa Alumni Network. I recently received my vignette and planning to move there next month.

Do we need to get in the UK before joining the network?

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I don’t think you need to be in uk to join the Facebook and slack channel.

If you fill the form the team will validate the details and then add you.

It’s a manual process so might take some time but it will be done if you have given correct details.


@Pawan_Maheshwari Thank you very much. I have filled out the form and wishing for the best.

no need to be in UK. i am still in my home country and already part of slack channel.

@Happysoul thanks you for the heads up.

There is also a monthly physical meet up for Tech Nation Alumni. Next one is this Wednesday. You can find the details here :

@badesemowo Wahooh brother, thank you for the link. I will try to use it to link up.

Although I am still in Nigeria but I have filled the Alumni Network form for over 4 days now with no response yet. Anything I’m not doing right?

@iSlimfit it takes time to take effect. Mine took like one week after filling the form.

@sojo Thanks.

I see you recently got endorsed and moved too. Hope you are settling in well? What part of UK are you and how’s work going? I should move in December myself.

@iSlimfit settling slowly boss and am based in London. Congratulations and welcome to the UK,

@sojo Thanks Bro. Planning to spend few weeks in Leeds to pick up my BRP. Settling in London after that. Will connect with you once I land.

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@sojo I see you are Nigerian and have been successful with the GTV. I just got a rejection for the Talent, and considering re-doing my application but for Promise (and re-use the same evidence if I can). I was hoping if you could help me assess my evidence. I know its too much of an ask, but I would be grateful for it.

I live in the UK and just want to switch my visa (so my experience is mostly from the UK).


Most people are busy with work, you can post your questions in the forum and people with similar experience may respond.

I don’t really have a question. Its more like i need help and guidance.

I am not sure that the way i put my evidence is sufficient, so I wanted someone to have a look at it, i can’t paste the pictures here because this is a public forum, but I’ll put the rejection reasons here:

  1. the feedback I got from the rejection says that I provided too little detail, but Technation said to not surpass 3 pages… so I’m just confused.

  2. Another rejection reason is that I am familiar with my referees, but Technation says that the person has to know my work- so I am confused again.

  3. Also, i took screen shots of my blog with articles that have a minimum of 400 of views, but there was a rejection reason that I didn’t show them the traffic to my blog and that I showed them the Likes on my blog. The same with evidence of my mentoring, they said that I didn’t show them how I mentored-- (but I attached screen shots of my whatsapp showing how many mentees i have).

Finally, I attached other evidence to my videos on YT with thousands of views and my salary progression… but they didn’t use this.

Again, i just need a second opinion and guidance. One phone call with someone that’s passed the TN for Talent or Promise can solve all my problems. And, I was going to say, can you guys consider forming a page on NairaLand to help other Nigerians- loads of people would find your contributions helpful- that’s where I mostly help people on. cc @sojo @Francisca_Chiedu