How can build a strong case?

Hi all
I currently work for a none product led company
But my previous job was a product led company
How can I build a strong case ?

Build your evidences based on the product led experience. Put direct focus on your role, achievements, the impact of your role on the product and the impact of the product to the larger environment, locally or globally.

Within your evidence i will advise against fronting your current company except in your CV, references, Recommendations or statement


Ok. Thanks very much…
another question I want to ask…
what type of evidence will I need to prove along side the reference letter

As adviced by TN, Reference letters alone are not sufficient.
The kind of documents you’ll provide will depend on your role and what type of applicant that you are (technical or business)

You could go through the guidelines again, the example documents for each criteria were mentioned there.

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Thanks for your response @Victrr