Help Review Software Engineer -- Exceptional Promise

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Mandatory criteria - FAANG offer & payslips mean little without the context of making clear that you earn high salary. You can either compare with others in your country of residence or compare based on the company’s location (if you are working remotely) or compare based on global averages. Local comparison is easiest and probably most reasonable.
Don’t assume that the assessor knows what it means to work in FAANG/MAANG. Don’t assume that things are apparent at all to the assessor.

In addition, if you can, please show the supposed “rigorous” process to be eligible for the Python Conference. Numbers like how many people applied and how many people got accepted are good metrics.

For testimonial letter, make sure that it mentions those things that you’d including in your OC3-1 and OC3-2. It was mentioned in one Software Developer’s rejection that the references do not mention the impact in terms of revenue, sales or attributable investment base on their contribution. So make it clear. You can see here.

OC2: Medium articles are usually not sufficient. TN Guide clearly states:

LinkedIn or Medium are not considered sufficient as evidence.

But if your StackOverflow numbers are high enough and your NPM package have good numbers, you should do fine in OC2.