Help review my application for Exceptional talent

Hey everyone, please help me rate my application:


  1. Data Science Director, Meta in UK
  2. Co-founder and CEO at startup A, currently co-founder and CEO at startup B
  3. Analytics Director at C. My former team lead at D.

Personal statement

  • 10% intro
  • 50% career path + open source
  • 20% why UK
  • 20% future plans and how UK tech will benefit from me


  1. Offer at Meta + payslips
  2. A retention offer (match Meta), options, bonus
  3. Meta Performance reviews + Peer feedbacks

OC2 [work beyond immediate occupation]

  1. ML competitions, 1st place to build recommender system (with several kaggle masters) + further talk on conference.
  2. Github - 2nd main contributor to repo with 1.4k+ stars, 50+ commits
  3. Stackoverflow, 29k+ rating

OC3 [significant contribution]

  1. Meta product impact. Tech leading team, responsible for one of the core signals across Facebook and Instagram
  2. First price bidding algorithm at A, improved revenue on 10%. Led iniaitive to adopt bidding algorithms for iOS App Tracking Transparency
  3. Impact at D, online recommender system with multi-armed bandits. Helped to improve revenue on 5%

Not sure whether team lead is considered as immediate colleague or manager, which is not sufficient if I understand correctly. According to TechNation Tech Nation Visa Guide - Tech Nation

Evidence of recognition, such as Reference Letters, provided by an immediate colleague, manager, or friend are not sufficient.

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I think your application is solid

Salary evidence may not be sufficient to prove that you have been recognised as a leading talent. Aside your work at meta, what external recognition do you have?

Nothing special besides maybe 1st place in ML competition. My plan to cover that with reference letters.

Another option for MC Iā€™m considering is to remove 2nd item (retention offer, options) and add another impactful project in Meta + additional LOR from senior manager at Meta. @Francisca_Chiedu Do you think it will suit better?

My concern is you are applying for exceptional talent. Recent feed shows emphasis on national ans international recognition.