Help Required on : Format of Evidence Documents

Hello everyone @somdipdey @Francisca_Chiedu

This is Bharath, working on my GTV application,

Could you please your thoughts and suggestions on how the evidence documents should be structured? Is there any specific format, or I’m free to choose my own format?

Can all 10 Evidence documents follow the same format and structure or can vary from evidence to evidence?


There is no format or template. Each application is unique by itself, you need to start adding your evidence to your files, and you will define your own template automatically.

Usually, you just put your screenshots, text explanations, links, etc to your MS Word or Google Docs, with a maximum of 3 pages or 1,000 words maximum on each piece of evidence. That is all.

I suggest you spend a good focus time reading through the guideline . It is the single source of truth at the moment.


You choose your format.

Thank you Alex, for the clarification, will go through the guidelines again.

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Thank you ask4jubad, for the clarification, will work on my format.

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what I noticed is personal statement is maximum 1000 words but all other documents is 3 pages which means more or less 1000 words but maximum three pages. correct me if I am wrong
@May @Francisca_Chiedu

Apart from the personal statement that has a limit of 1000 words, I am not aware of any requirement that other documents must be under 1000 words. But definitely, no evidence can be more than 3 pages.

No requirements for word count for other evidence, but it must not exceed 3pages