Health surcharge dynamics

Please, TechNation alumni already in the system. If I pay the whole health surcharge fee now and I get a job that covers my health insurance, will I be re-embursed?

Nope. NHS and private insurance are separate.

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Alright. Thank you for your response :pray:

I just wanted to offer some insight into your question about the health surcharge fee. It’s essential to precisely review the terms and conditions of the surcharge fee to determine whether it’s refundable if you obtain health insurance through a job. Depending on the terms of the fee, it may be non-refundable or only partially refundable. Alternatively, you could check more affordable insurance options at I hope that helps you.

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You could ask your firm to cover these charges in lieu of the visa fees they’d have otherwise paid. I asked my firm and they were okay with it so I’d recommend keeping the receipt email and asking your firm in the future.