Head of UX - Application Review for Exceptional Talent

Hello everyone,

I am about to start organizing my paperwork for the GT Visa application as an exceptional talent. It would be great if I could receive your feedback.

I have over 9 years of experience as a UX Designer, and before that, I had worked as a Developer for 3 years. Currently, I hold the position of head of UX Design at a Canadian startup company in the A.I. field.


Personal statement

Reference letters

  1. From company A’s CEO that, I’ve currently worked for over a year. He explains my expertise in the design field and, my leadership role for the company and also the technical & financial impact of my work.
  2. From company B’s CEO, whom I previously worked with, explaining my exceptional leadership talent in this field nationwide.
  3. From company C’s Brand Manager, Which is previously worked with, talking about my leadership & unique impact on the product’s financial success.

Mandatory Criteria

  1. The Evidence I led the growth of a product-led digital technology company:

Explained my leadership and my works impact on the company A.

  • Documentation of product design
  • Evidence for leading the growth of the design team by recruiting & onboarding, a huge impact on business by improving the product metrics (+documents).
  • Reference letter from Product Manager describing my work and my leadership impact.
  1. The Evidence I led a substantial open-source project:

Explanation about my developed open-source Figma plugin, which is used by 1000+ designers.

  • Plugin’s community page link & screenshots of its environment
  • Design + development docs + Explaining how it made why it helpful for the design community.
  1. The Evidence I command a high salary for my services:

My translated contract from company C which is recognized as a tech giant in the country. The Evidence shows my high salary range in my country & the UK + Evidence of my equity options & mentions their current value in GBP.

  • The translated contract + equity options contract
  • A Document that explains the salary & equity options value range in GBP
  1. Published material in professional or major trade publications:

My published articles in well-known design publication website

  • A link & Screenshot shows the article and its high viewership.

Optional Criteria

Optional criteria 1 (innovation)

  1. Explanation about Company B, which has an NFT product and my product design leading role, which made the product commercially successful.
  • Design Documents
  • The reference Letter from the CTO describes the contribution that leads the product to success.
  • Link to product website & Public NFT Platform

Optional criteria 2 (outside work activity)

  1. Show my consistent 1.5-year mentorship on the ADPList platform with 1000+ mins Total mentoring time & 30+ Sessions completed on product design leadership & career advice topics.
    • Link to my mentorship profile + Screenshot of mentees’ feedback on their sessions
    • Certification from the ADPList CEO
    • A Supporting Document that shows how my mentorship helps the advancement of the field, showing how my mentees were successful in their future careers.
  2. Have a speech on the Android Accessibility topic at an Annual Technology for Disabled People event. (Question: This event was held 5 years & 4 months ago, so can I include this one?)
    • Speech video link + photos
    • An official letter from the event organizer certifies my speech and describes the event’s details.

Optional criteria 3 (significant contribution)

  1. About my work in Company C, which led to the development of their high-impact digital product with 50 Million users worldwide.
    • Reference letter from Product Manager
    • Product Designs & Research Documents
  2. About my work in Company D, which led to the development of their high-impact digital product with 35 Million users use.
    • Reference letter from Product Manager
    • Product Designs & Research Documents

Francisca, I would greatly appreciate your thoughts on the proposed organization of my application documents. @Francisca_Chiedu

I don’t think you have sufficient evidence to prove innovation. You are not a founder or seniors executive so this criteria may not apply to you. As for the ADP list mentorship, it appears tech nation doesn’t see it as a structured mentorship, I have seen feedback suggesting that it is not a structured program. I think OC3 and MC should be fine.