Having less than 10 evidences

Hi guys, does having less than 10 evidences automatically lead to rejection for global talent promise. I am preparing to apply for the second time and below are the list of evidences I am planning to submit

(1) Academic contribution (2 Journal papers with 42 citations combined)
(2) Pending patent (Takes few years to grant)
(3) Key Engineer at work (Product save 2 million pounds in remunerations)
(4) Mentorship
(5) Media recognition (CNN, local station and online media coverage)
(6) Public presentation (2 international conference paper)
(7) MEng and Ph.D. certificate (I don’t know if to include as track records)

I don’t know how I would fair for global talent promise with all these evidences, any suggestion is welcomed.

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Restriction is 10 documents maximum so, minimum can be any number below 10. If you are confident that less than 10 documents will be sufficient to prove your talen so be it. I would, however, recommend to make it to 10. Sort of nice ring to that number don’t you think?

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Thanks @Mukesh_Adhvaryu

Beyond your official recommendation letters, you can always get reference letters to strengthen your case. Given that you don’t have 10 pieces of evidence, perhaps considering adding a letter or two.


Wahooh @Shreeniwas_Iyer , I never thought of that. I will explore that option.


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My total documents were 9 (including 3 letters) and I got endorsed. You have to make sure you put your case very well and included every small contributions (related to your field) you ever made.

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@zamana Thats good, thanks for the heads up.

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First, I trust you factored in your reason for non-endorsement in your first application in preparing this new one.

Usually I prefer that you do atleast 3 evidence for each criteria you are gunning for.

The list you shared seems to be all over the place. It seems you are putting evidence for the 4 optional criteria instead of focusing on 2 and ensuring you convince the assessor you meet those 2 criteria.

Here is what I mean:

Innovation - item 2
Impact - item 3
Recognition- item 5, Item 6
Academic contribution- item 1
Continuous Learning (which has been discontinued) - item 7

My cursory look says you do not have enough evidence to meet any of the criteria. I may be wrong.

You can book a 20 minutes free session to discuss this issue further on calendly. Anything longer will have to be paid under eMigr8.

I hope this helps.

@Badesemowo The first reviewer made a mistake

(1) Assumed that the number of citations I had for my journal was 2 citations instead of 42.

(2) Assumed my mentorship was done as part of my Ph.D. program and it wasn’t

(3) Assumed all the leaders I submitted were not experts in Tech when one is a CEO/Founder of an AI medical company with awards from MIT in the field, My advisor the current chair of a big AI institute in China with 7 internationally recognized books in AI and 400 journal papers to his name. And the third leader is a senior manager in one of the Big Indian companies in the field of ML

The second reviewer acknowledge the mistakes made by first reviewer but pointed to other issues as the reason for sticking to non-endorsement. It knocked my confidence because it felt like a moving target. God knows what they will come up with this time.


@sojo as I mentioned - you may as well consider other opportunities. If you follow me on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/aqaguy) there’s going to be a post describing what benefits Skilled Worker visa has.

@Alex_P I will add you.

Thanks for the heads up.

How to connect to get the session scheduled? Thanks.