Guys, please check my application

Am putting together the following for promise category:

  1. 3 references of CTOs from current and former companies all explaining my products and impact on biz/env

  2. One reference for volunteering bootcamp. It’s a structured program showing modules taught, days of the week and hours I spent in lab etc.

  3. One more reference from CTO of a top bank attesting to usage of my product, it’s impact on biz/env

  4. Current job offer showing salary in excess of $3k per month

  5. Stackoverflow profile showing my contributions to tech related discussions , question asked , and answers given to questions

  6. GitHub account , line of codes showing my contribution to an opened source project

  7. Professional certificate obtained on azure cloud

  8. Admission clearance letter from a top London based uni in software engineering

  9. Another Reference from a CTO attesting to my development acumens and impacts on biz/env

Guys, these all am putting together . Any input please , thanks I’m advance


Your profile looks ok for promise, however, some of the evidence you have listed doesn’t fit any criteria, specifically 7 and 8. Best to list your evidence based on the criteria you are selecting.


Ok thanks. Now 7 and 8 are to prove continuous learning. You think it’s not necessary?


Continuous learning was removed as a criteria a year ago. You should follow the most recent tech nation guide.


Ok noted .
Then for the GitHub code , should submit email address, screen shot of commit and the some code lines yeah ?

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Nice. What of your MC and OC. I mean your innovation and impact. Are you looking at Exceptional or talent?

Hello @Adeyinka_Ojo,
Grouping my documents as below and going for promise.

Am in UK already as a student and my experience is over 7Years in total , 5 in core digital tech and the others in banking tech.

MC 001:
3 letters of references from CTOs , focused more on innovation , impact on business and environment

MC002: Employment information with salary

GitHub code contribution over time.
Volunteering reference
Another reference from top tech expert on impact.

Hope these look good?

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Guys, is it advisable to have a reference letter on a plain paper not on company letter head?

There is a CTO of a top bank who wants to reference me but problem is he can’t use banks letter head paper.

Is this acceptable ?

it is best to use a letterhead. Is the bank a digital bank? It may not be considered a digital led technology company.

Thanks @Francisca_Chiedu.
Intending using it for one of the OC though

Guys please what’s best answer to this question on the application form?

“Are you applying directly for Global Talent or Switching from another visa category?”

I’m in the UK on Tier4 visa

Thanks guys

BTW, git hub contribution is not sufficient to prove innovation.

According to the guide:

You can switch to the Global Talent visa whilst in the UK on another visa, however you cannot apply to switch if you’re currently in the UK in one of the following circumstances:

So, if it’s your case, you should leave the UK before applying and select Switching from another visa category

Not really my situation as am on a Fulltime tier 4 student visa

Two options to choose from base on the question on the application form.

  1. Global talent visa route
  2. Switch to other visa category

I think you are switching from another visa category. Are a full-time student?

@Adeyinka_Ojo fulltime student bro.

I have submitted my application. Fingers cross

Distribution of evidence -

MC. 3 references form CTOs

OC1. I. Mentorship reference, 2. Volunteer reference 3. GitHub for public repo showing my contribution/contributions on stackoverflow flow

OC2. Letter of employment with payslips showing, letter for reference from this same employer explaining my innovation , and impact on business and env

Wish me good luck guys.

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If that’s all you have to submit, let’s hope the assessors are impressed with your submission. Good luck!

Guys, my endorsement is here.
Thanks for all your support.

Unto stage2


congrats. All the best with stage 2