Guidance needed on duration of visa


I need some guidance on the duration of the visa I should apply for. I am on tier 2 (skilled worker visa) for 1.5 years and my family is on a dependant visa for the same duration. All of our visas are still valid for 1.5 more years. which of these options is best for me

  • Apply for 2 years for me (assuming that ill be able to apply for ILR in the next 1.5 years before the expiration of GTV) and 4 years for my family (As they need to spend 5 years in total on a dependant visa). In this case once ill get ILR, will my family visas stay valid as I will be no longer on GTV.

  • Apply for GTV for 2 years for myself and only apply for my family next year as their current visas are valid. Can they continue on tier 2 dependent visas if I switch to GTV

  • (Cost saving option) Apply for 2 years for all of us and later extend their visas (Will they be able to extend dependant visas if ill be on ILR and not on GTV anymore)

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: