GTV : Few queries : Business applicant : Stage 1

Hi All
This is a wonderful forum and there is lot of learning one can take w.r.t their GTV application.

I am currently working on my application (Business). Looking forward for support from alumni and members here :-

I have been working as a COO in a Digital Product design and development company for last 15 yrs. Joined there when it was in a startup phase as project/product manager and gradually moved up the ranks. We have products of our own and have created products for our customers in niche areas like AI, ML, IoT etc. We are NOT doing typical outsourcing work at all (just to clarify).

I am planning to apply to GTV under business as that is where my profile suits most. I have few queries, which i am listing below and request experts here to provide guidance.

  1. KC1 : I plan to submit LoR from CTO/founder, US based partner (earlier he was client), Digital techno-business leader (based out of USA and aware about my work for last 10+ yrs) that shows my contribution towards the growth of company.
    I also plan to submit Compensation letter including ESOPs signed by HR, Company Balance sheet, Article of Association (audited), Current FY projections and P&L performance w.r.t targets.
    Do i need to have someone signature or company stamp on it ? Can i show case something else ?

  2. QC1 :
    I plan to submit LoR from a industry expert on the innovation done in one of the product platform for multiple use cases. How change in product strategy helped sales & revenue. Also, i lead the grant proposal and later product & financial management of grant by a leading UK based charity for a digital product for disabled people. Overall i am incharge of entire product platform and working with PM to define strategy, execution and sales. (earlier i was Prod manager for couple of products).
    Also, plan to share a reference letter from ex-colleague ad now a CTO of digitech company.
    It is little difficult to show innovation for business people, so i am using the word ‘unique’ to find and show case proofs.

  3. QC3 : Letter from employer showcasing contribution towards revenues, sales and operations. Impact on revenue and profits which i have increased over the years.
    Key question is who should sign this letter as tech nation ask that it should be someone else than LoR person. Can i get it from my HR head ?

US based partner showcasing increase in revenue of USA region which i have been looking personally. Also, the merger that i oversaw earlier with his company’s india ops. (he was earlier client whose company we merged and now he runs different company and also work as sales partner with us)
I also plan to submit ESOP and salary information, My communication to clients and employees.

I also plan to submit reference letter from from a professor to showcase the collaboration done with one of the top 3 engineering colleges in India like manage product development together (bringing research done in University to market), mentoring students through internships, participation in startup fairs, part of panel to select candidates for master program.

Other evidences would be letter from Investment banking boutique firm in terms of leading share stake sale (though resulted in acquiring the company as client rather than investor)

I also consult a UK based charity (among the worlds largest) for digital enablement in social sector.

Apologies for such a long post but i was not able to get clarity on few points here. Thanks a lot for your support.

Do i need to have someone signature or company stamp on it ?

The letter from HR needs to be signed. Others you can submit is as is. I doubt you will be able to fit it all into 3 page docs. You should consider leaving all that evidence on the cloud and giving a link to it as reference from your doc (perhaps in page 3, with page 1-2 containing other evidence, or something to that effect)

Can i show case something else ?

Your evidence seems strong. However if you have any other evidence, please add it - more the evidence, stronger is your case.

Key question is who should sign this letter as tech nation ask that it should be someone else than LoR person. Can i get it from my HR head ?

Yes, but the letter from HR should not be the only one pointing to the evidence in that direction. Your LoR(s) should also talk about how you fulfil this QC. Other evidence, such as public domain information, like press clippings etc, that point in this direction is also helpful.

You seem to be generally thinking along the right lines. All the best.

Hi Shreeniwas
Thanks a lot for your reply to my queries.

More than that your affirmation towards my evidences as a strong evidence give me confidence :slight_smile:

I understand that forum members can only give guidance and each application has its own merit but still your reply does give me confidence to go ahead and apply asap.

Really appreciate it :slight_smile: