GTV Dependant's bank statement was requested

Hello guys, I need your help. I have gotten an endorsement and I am applying simultaneously with my wife. My wife is in Nigeria and I am in South Africa. My wife’s bank statement was requested by the UK’s decision center. This is a very strange request because I read that the dependant of Global Talent Visa doesn’t need to show financial statements. We want to know if such had happened to any member of this faithful forum.

Thank you for your anticipated assistance.


Dear Sogo,

I am really surprised to see that they requested the bankstatemt for your wife. In fact, gtv does not require any such financial documentation. Really surprised.

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@Afrasiab Thanks i am very surprised too.

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@sojo did you get your own visa approved? I hope you did not submit any bank statements with your application. And if you got your Visa approved, what about vignette validity? 30 days or 90 days?

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@Afrasiab I haven’t heard back from the home office. I also have the question of 30/90 days vignette too.

@sojo yes this is really important in recent situation of pandemic. It would be really helpful if some honorable member can enlighten us about the validity of vignette 30 or 90 days in recent situations.

Thanks in advance

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Dear all

Any expert opinion. Waiting for kind response from senior members.


I don’t think Home Office replies directly enquiries. You are best off finding an immigration lawyer to get such in depth answers

UKVI does a really good job on documenting the immigration process. Here’s what I found on applying for your partner. It’s seem they have to create a separate application.

@pete_rock wahooooh thank you for the information, I will go through the link you sent. She applied differently.

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Hi @sojo

I had the exact same issue we were very freaked out. I was emailing Home Office, Visa Team, everyone. I even contacted immigration lawyers. In the end because the Bank statement is not required for a dependant visa according to the laws, we did not provide any bank statement. Her application was successful and she received the visa. But please don’t take this as an advice, it might have just worked in our case.


@Toko Wahoooh thanks Tornike. We are applying from outside of the UK. If I could ask, where did you apply from and when did this happen?

Best regards.

Dear Sojo @sojo

I am at stage 2 and just about to pay my health care surcharge. However, I see a message that “You Dont have any Dependents” while I have already put the details of my dependents in the application. Did you experience the same?

Thanks in advance

Need expert opinion and would really appreciate a quick response @sojo @pete_rock @Toko @vzaidman

Thanks in advance

Please follow this link. Your dependents need to create separate applications. It’s not done as part of yours. Hope this helps.

@pete_rock many thanks for your quick response

@Afrasiab Yes, i think it is a bug on the GOV.UK platform. I went ahead to submit my application with the “I don’t have a dependant” issue. Your dependant would have to apply separately as a GTV dependant. So no issues.

Hi @sojo My partner applied from Georgia (outside EU zone). I applied from UK but I had to make two separate applications. If you are applying together then you would have an option to add her to your own application. I did it separately because I was in UK and she was in Georgia.

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@sojo Many thanks. Got your point. There are many such issues in their online application form

@Toko thanks for the information, it was quite helpful. All the best in your endeavour in the UK.


@Afrasiab You are welcome mate.