Got the Visa, Latest timelines 2022

Background: Indian tech startup founder (Profitable tech startup, seed funded), moving to the UK because spouse got an opportunity to work there. So, decided to apply for a global talent visa.

Stage 1 Applied - May 31st, 2022
Endorsement Letter - June 6, 2022
Stage 2 and Visa Appointment - June 28, 2022
Got the Visa Passport back - July 18, 2022

I paid for 4 years of health surcharge as I can apply for ILR (Exceptional Talent) after 3 years, so thought the best option is just have 1 more year just to be safe.

Just a tip : Don’t worry if things get delayed during stage 1. Just make sure your application is perfect and take 1.5 months buffer for the result.

Happy to ans any questions.

Cheers and all the best !


Is your wife going to be a dependant on your global talent visa or remain on Tier 1?

No, she has applied for skilled worker visa :slight_smile: It’s sponsored by her workplace.

Yes, are work place sponsorship visa is likely a tier 2 visa. She actually can apply to be a dependant on your visa to give her the flexibility of working for any employer.

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Yes, absolutely if she ever needs it :slight_smile: Currently, she is happy with her employer.

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Hello Nitin,
That’s really great info you shared. Thank you so much for that.
I have a couple of queries, shall I have your mobile number, please?
looking forward to your response.